Quick Answer: Who Is The Best Robin DC?

What is Batman’s fighting style?

Based on Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, Batman’s fighting style is a mixture of Krav Maga, Sambo, some Karate, and just plain ol’ sucker punches to the face..

Who is the better Robin?

Dick GraysonFor experience, the winner clearly has to be Dick Grayson. Being the first Robin, he stayed with batman up until his resignation from the Robin title into Nightwing as suggested by superman.

Which Robin killed the Joker?

JasonAt the end of Batman #427, Jason was beaten by the Joker and left to die in an explosion. The inside back cover of the issue listed two 1–900 numbers that readers could call to vote for the character’s death or survival.

Why did Tim Drake stop being Robin?

7 Quit Being Robin After getting into several disagreements with Batman, Tim eventually quit being Robin altogether. For a while, he was just like any other Gotham kid, going to school and hanging out with friends in his free time.

Who loves Batman most?

Rachel DawesRachel Dawes ranks as one of Batman’s most significant love interests, but she’s one with probably the least amount of history. Rachel debuted in Batman Begins as an original character, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who grew up to become in many ways the love of his life.

What fighting style does Nightwing use?

Nightwing Secret Files said he has emphasis on Aikido. Black Mask said he used Karate and Capoeira in the Nightwing Renegade arc. As he’s part of the Bat-family and employs ninja-like tactics and has shuriken like Wing Dings, etc. he probably knows Ninjutsu.

Which Robin is the best fighter?

Dick is the best fighter with more experience and instinct, but Jason is good at taking hits and Damian has been trained more and has the most potential. Tim is just the worst fighter, but he makes up for it with splashing all the Robins out of the water when it comes to Detective work.

Who is the most skilled Robin?

Dick GraysonFirst, there was Dick Grayson. Out of the several Robins, he’s the most skilled and the most agile. He may not be as good as Batman (not many are), but when those two are in a fight, not many threats have what it takes to overcome this Dynamic Duo.

What fighting style does Robin use?

cautiousnessHis main style is cautiousness (wait and analyse), though he can be pretty impulsive. His staff is there as a result of his training with Lady Shiva (the less lethal of all the weapons she presented him with).

Who is a better fighter Batman or Nightwing?

Nightwing while having adequate training is in no shape to defeat batman. All he has over batman is better agility but batman has experience and better training on his side. Besides batman has taken on heavyweights like supes and has the guts to punch Shazam.

Is Jason Todd the worst Robin?

The Teen Titans just revealed they agree with a widely-held opinion of DC Comics fans: Jason Todd was an awful Robin. The Robin mantle has been held by a variety of characters throughout the years. Dick Grayson was the first to put on the costume and fight crime alongside Batman in 1940.

Is there a female Robin?

The male robin is brighter in color than the female. The female robin must be well camouflaged in order be safe from predators as she incubates her eggs. … This is why females of many bird species are not as bright in color as the males.

Who is the best fighter in the bat family?

Red Hood. And Azrael. Probably either Batman or Cass Cain. You can give the slight edge to either, but i’d probably say that since Cass doesn’t have her body reading ability, Bruce is the better fighter for now given the Experience Factor.

Why does Robin use a staff?

Robin used the staff when he was called to aid Batman and the others on the Robinson Park’s amphitheater. Using the staff as a jumping pole and a weapon, Tim defeated several criminals including Killer Croc. The staff proved useful once more when Robin was attacked by Swagman.

Which Robin is most like Batman?

Batman even noted that of all of the Robins, Tim might be the one to succeed him. Out of the four, he was the genius that rivalled Bruce himself. Ra’s even calls him Detective like he does Batman. Damian Wayne.

Who is the current Robin 2020?

Damian WayneDamian Wayne succeeds Drake as Robin in the 2009 story arc “Battle for the Cowl” up until disowning it in Teen Titans Annual #2 in 2020….Robin (character)RobinVarious incarnations of the character Robin, art by Yasmine PutriPublisherDC ComicsFirst appearanceDetective Comics #38 (April 1940)17 more rows

Why does Kory kill Rachel?

As time went on, the barrier was mysteriously opened and Kory was the last to enter. Unknowingly, as she entered the house, she also entered an illusion. When Rachel and Gar suddenly appeared, Rachel ran into her arms but motivated Kory to kill her, implying that it would all end with her death.

Which Robin turns into Nightwing?

Dick GraysonDick Grayson became Nightwing after he was dismissed from the role of Robin as a teenager. Grayson’s Flamebird was Bette Kane. He was featured in a Nightwing series from 1995 to 2009; after Wayne’s apparent death, Grayson became the new Batman, subsequently retiring his Nightwing mantle temporarily.

What Robin becomes the Joker?

Robin Tim DrakeIn the DC Animated Universe’s Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, former Robin Tim Drake was brainwashed and manipulated into becoming the new Joker after the original Clown Prince perished.

Is Nightwing stronger than Robin?

Nightwing is stronger, faster and more athletic, but he’s not as brutal, less intelligent, and less skilled. Red Robin is about as smart as Bruce, and may overcome his intelligence with age, but he can’t compete physically. There’s a lot in the batfamily nowadays.

Who is Alfred’s favorite Robin?

BruceFrom what I have seen he doesn’t appear to have one. In irony, Bruce would be Alfred’s favorite, as Bruse is really Robin to Alfred, a son to Alfred the way the other Robin’s are to Bruce.