Quick Answer: Does Shuichi Have Depression?

Who is Shuichi crush?

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How did Kokichi die?

During his Free Time Event with Shuichi, Kokichi claims he became the supreme leader by killing his parents and taking their place. … He claims to be the mastermind of the Killing Game although it’s later revealed he was trying to deceive everyone to end the Killing Game. He is killed by Kaito Momota as of Chapter 5.

Who is Shuichi’s love interest?

It’s 100% Kaede. He doesn’t have eyes for anyone other than her.

Is Shuichi depressed?

In other words, Saihara is pretty clearly depressed, anxious, and suicidal for almost the entirety of ndrv3. He’s capable of cheering up and gaining confidence in himself, of course, but often he needs to rely on others and has a much more dependent streak than either Naegi or Hinata before him.

Does Shuichi like Kokichi?

Their interactions throughout Chapter 4, where Kokichi is determined to team up with Shuichi against the latter’s best friend, Kaito, have also helped to fuel the ship even further. … The fact that both characters are implied to be gay (Kokichi) or bisexual (Shuichi) also helped make it a fan favourite.

Why did Kokichi kill himself?

The only reason people believed he was the mastermind was because Kokichi *himself* told them so. Another person said that he ‘killed himself’ (Totally believing Kaito didn’t have any part in it smh) because he was depressed. … Believe it or not, but Kokichi didn’t fake it. He actually fell through the floorboards.

Did Kokichi have a crush on Shuichi?

Kokichi was interested in Shuichi at first because he was a detective and he wanted to see if he can see through his lies, but then got attached to him because “he couldn’t figure him out”. 4.

Does Shuichi have crush on Kaede?

I would like to point out Shuichi and Kaede were never in love in the main story. But in that short time they had, they had a strong emotional attachment toward each other. Whether if they were attracted to each other is debatable, but the important thing is how much they truly care for each other.

Who does Kokichi hate?

KiiboFrom the very beginning, Kokichi just wanted to bully and pester Kiibo, and Kiibo hated him for it, which is incredibly clear if you read any interactions between the two. Kokichi clearly doesn’t really consider a Kiibo as even worth his attention, and Kiibo hates his extremely robophobic actions.

Why does Kokichi call Shuichi Saihara Chan?

With only a few exceptions, he refers to Saihara and most of the group using their last names and “-chan,” which is a very cutesy suffix, and very clearly him trying to play the whole “cute brat” image as much as possible.

Is Shuichi a girl?

First, taking a look at the wiki’s description on Shuichi. “He appears to have very pale skin and thick, feminine eyelashes.” In this description, it mentions that he has “feminine eyelashes” which could indicate that he is indeed female though yet again this is not strong enough evidence.

What gender is Shuichi?


Is Shuichi suicidal?

Shuichi killed himself to prevent Miu from killing anyone, he discovered too late and knew he couldn’t change her mind, he wanted to bring her back to reality and show her how bad the thing she was planning to do is and said that he hopes this would prove that he would do anything to get them all out safe from the …

How did Ruruka die?

Although Ruruka wasn’t executed, her death was caused by her being brainwashed by the monitors, making her committing suicide.

Who did Kaede kill?

RantaroThe two shared a tearful and emotional moment, and Kaede was driven to tears while Shuichi angrily asked her why she had murdered Rantaro, although he stopped immediately when he was reminded that Kaede would be executed.