Question: Who Are Ash Ketchum’S Friends?

Who were all of Ash’s friends?

Brock, Misty, Iris, and Clian are so far the two only companions to have met Giovanni, Ash’s archenemy.

May, Dawn, and Serena are both Pokémon Coordinators, but Serena is still a Pokémon Performer..

How many friends does Ash have?

seventeen companionsTo date, Ash has had seventeen companions throughout the series, excluding those who have only accompanied him for a short time (Alexa, Korrina, etc), his Pokemon and the companions he traveled with in Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You!.

Are Ash and Gary friends?

9 He Used To Be Friends With Ash During the original series of Pokémon, Ash and Gary had an intense rivalry that didn’t end until their battle in the Silver Conference. It was revealed during the episode “The Ties That Bind” that Ash and Gary were friends as children.

Who is Ash Ketchum’s wife?

SerenaSerena is the female protagonist of the series XY. She met Ash many years before, at the Professor Oak’s Pokémon Summer Camp, in Pallet Town.

Why is Ash still 10 years old?

According to the eternal youth theory, like in many cartoons, the characters never age and are trapped at the age of their first appearance. This also suggests that the show has a floating timeline. This is the explanation given in the Poké mailbag for why Ash is still ten.

Is Ash’s Pikachu a girl or a boy?

Ash’s PikachuGeneralTrainer:Ash KetchumGender:MaleAbility:StaticDebut:Pokémon – I Choose You!6 more rows

Does Ash die?

However, in a scene reminiscent to the first episode, Ash jumps in front of Pikachu and takes the blast, causing his body to disintegrate. That’s right: Ash Ketchum dies AGAIN in the 20th Pokemon movie. … Eventually Ash is resurrected by the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, whom he had been looking for throughout the movie.

Who is Ash’s best friend?

Pokémon: Ash’s Best Companions, Ranked1 Pikachu. There couldn’t have been anybody else at the top, as Pikachu and Ash are basically the same person by now.2 Brock. … 3 Dawn. … 4 Misty. … 5 May. … 6 Clemont. … 7 Serena. … 8 Max. … More items…•Oct 19, 2020

Is Giovanni Ash’s dad?

Once a trainer himself, Giovanni set on his journey and found his smallest of all- Delia. Giovanni took two of his low level people- man and Woman and told them to oversee Ash’s journey. … That is why they are seen is nearly every episode and movie.

Does Lillie love Ash?

Lillie is the second classmate that Ash has meet in the Pokémon the Series Sun and Moon arc. … Lillie’s hints of her romantic feelings to Ash is when she blushes over Ash’s praises of her, shows concern about his safety, smilies and giggles when Ash is showing funny picture, and is awe with his battling skills.

Who married ash?

Serena MoreauHe started out by saying “It’s a pleasure all of you came today to witness the marriage of Ash Ketchum and Serena Moreau. These two decided they were a perfect match for each other for the rest of their lives. Now it’s time for these two to give their vows.

Who is Ash’s best female friend?

3) Dawn. When Ash first arrived at the Sinnoh region, he quickly met and befriended Dawn, his primary companion throughout the Diamond and Pearl series. Ash and Dawn bonded much more quickly than his previous female companions and quickly became best friends.