Question: How Old Is Natsuo?

How old is Natsuo Fujii?

17 years oldAs the series starts, Natsuo is 17 years old..

Will there be Season 2 of domestic girlfriend?

Unfortunately, author Kei Sasuga recently launched the last volume of the Domesutikku na Kanojo manga series. This might be one of the reasons why Diomedia hasn’t confirmed Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 yet.

Is domestic girlfriend anime over?

Another solid proof that “Domestic Girlfriend” season 2 is less likely to happen comes from no less than Sasuga. Replying to a curious fan on Twitter just last April, the manga writer and illustrator confirmed that “there are no plans” for the renewal of the anime.

Who is best girl in domestic girlfriend?

Rui is best girl.

Is domestic NA kanojo based on real life?

Domestic na Kanojo is fiction with a touch of real things… But yeah, a lot of people got married with step-sis/bros. I had this conversation with my parents this week (Yeah, they read manga too), and we were talking about the stupid moral of Hina and her parents!

Does Hina still love Natsuo?

Hina wins him with marriage. The series ends with Chapter 276, with Hina and Natsuo getting married. However, by the end of the series, Natsuo and Rui also have a child together. Wow.

Does Hina wake up domestic girlfriend?

The penultimate chapter of Kei Sasuga’s manga series ended with a major cliffhanger — Hina gained consciousness after more than five years and just after Natsuo gave her a promise ring.

Is domestic girlfriend a harem?

Domestic Girlfriend truly stands out as a harem anime with a realistic twist to it. This anime can be a great show to watch as it brings viewers to a whole new level of realism. The social life of Japanese culture does apply to some aspects for this anime as well.

Is rent a girlfriend good?

The art and animation is absolutely beautifully well done and voice acting is just what I thought of the characters. The pacing is also good for the first episode so far. In total honesty, if you love serious romance anime or any seriousness at all, this is definitely not for you in one single bit.

Did Rui and Natsuo break up?

At the same time, Natsuo had developed writer’s block and didn’t tell Rui, depending on other girls whom she didn’t know. Feeling bad for being unable to help and figuring both of them were burdening each other, Rui decided to break up after much thought, turning their relationship back to brother and sister.

How old is Rui from domestic girlfriend?

Rui TachibanaStatusAliveAge16-17GenderFemaleHeight15 more rows

Does Natsuo marry Rui?

As for why she didn’t marry Natsuo. It first sprouted from their breakup. The only way Rui was able to be with Natsuo was because Hina left and she just filled the slot, that’s genuinely how she felt and though she loved being with Natsuo, that thought was very burdenous on her conscience.

Is domestic girlfriend a sad anime?

So I watched the anime first. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for me. … Personally I favor Rui a bunch, but once I got to chapter 216; I was in tears!

Does Natsuo sleep with Hina?

Natsuo and Rui discuss his feelings for Hina, and he admits to having sex with her.

Does Natsuo like kousuke?

Natsuo has feelings for Kousuke, which Masahiro suspects.

Is Rui a girl demon slayer?

Desperate for her life, the Demon agreed, Rui thus then easily dispatched the group of demon slayer easily and warmly welcomed the female into his “family”.