Question: Could The Speed Force Exist?

Is Godspeed faster than flash?

In the comics, Godspeed was said to be the fastest speedster that has ever lived.

Godspeed was faster than Savitar, Zoom, Flash or Black Flash or any other speedster..

Does Zoom have the speed force?

The Time Remnant that Zoom killed, which we were introduced to as Jay Garrick, showed no sign of the Speed Force in his system. However, in the episode “Legends of Today,” Jay was capable of using the Velocity Drug in order to save Wells from a bullet lodged in his chest. It’s possible that he already did.

Is the flash immortal?

No, Barry is not immortal. He can stay young for the very long time. In comics Jay Garrick was 90 years old.

What is wrong with Speed Force?

As a result of events of the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the Speed Force suffered from a critical energy imbalance, eventually resulting in its death, leaving all speedsters with limited speed and powers.

Is Zoom a real speedster?

Hunter Zolomon was better known as Zoom, a speedster super-villain and enemy to the Flashes. Surviving alterations to the timeline, he dubbed himself The True Flash.

Who is the real life flash?

Actor John Wesley ShippSince then he has appeared in several DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Actor John Wesley Shipp portrayed the character in the live-action 1990s television show The Flash and the Arrowverse….Flash (Barry Allen)FlashAlter egoBartholomew Henry “Barry” AllenSpeciesMetahumanPlace of originCentral City10 more rows

How fast is Godspeed?

670,616,629 mphIn CW flash series the theoretical top speed of godspeed is when he runs at 670,616,629 mph or 1,079,252,848 km/h.

Why is speed force dying?

In summary, the speed force died because Barry took the Spectre’s energy into the speed force and neutralized it. Wally sympathizes with Barry’s decision but tells him to do something to atone for his actions. The power goes out in a room where Nash-Wells tinkers on a device.

Does the speed force exist in Marvel?

In JLA/Avengers, which is the only canon crossover between the two companies, it was a major plot point that there is no Speed Force in the Marvel Universe. … So if Bart had gone to the 616, he couldn’t have been doing any running.

Who’s faster than the flash?

In terms of pure speed, in their respective universes, the Flash (Barry Allen) is faster, by far, than Quicksilver. Quicksilver has been seen at a top speed of four or five times the speed of sound (Mach 4 or 5). This level of speed for Quicksilver is new.

What would happen if the flash was real?

At the speeds Flash reaches in some his comic books he would probably destroy the world. Relativistic mass increases with speed so reaching near light speed (or above) on the Earth would probably result in its complete destruction. … At the speeds Flash reaches in some his comic books he would probably destroy the world.

Is flash faster than Sonic?

The Flash is faster than Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog runs at the speed of sound. While the Flash can run so fast he can jump through time. … The Flash because Sonic can’t break the sound barrier and bend time.

Can you become a speedster in real life?

I wish it was possible, but sadly no, you can’t become a speedster in real life. Getting hit by lightning would either injure or kill you, especially if you pour chemicals all over your body at the same time. … Speed force should not be included.

Is the speed force really gone?

One of the biggest consequences of Crisis on Infinite Earths for Team Flash was the death of the Speed Force. The Speed Force, the sentient power source that fuels all speedsters, was poisoned by the energy of the Spectre (Stephen Amell) during Crisis, and has since died.

Can Barry Allen steal speed?

The only people Wally is unable to steal speed from are Barry Allen and Professor Zoom. This is because Barry created the Speed Force, making it impossible to take it away from him.