Question: Are Miu And Kaede Sisters?

Who is Shuichi Saihara’s crush?

Kaito Momota- Fiction Aesthetics.

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Does Kaede have a twin sister?

In the Class Trial, it was never revealed that Kaede has a twin sister or not, so this information remains ambiguous. … In the end, Kaede could achieve her goal of defeating the mastermind as her death was avenged after Danganronpa finally came to its end in the last execution.

Who does Monaca Towa have a crush on?

They’re also holding hands on one of Jataro’s artworks , meaning he ships the two. Nagisa was impressed by how Monaca didn’t give in to despair after Junko Enoshima’s death. He developed a crush on her.

Who did Monaca Towa kill?

Komaru was in complete despair, and Monaca then revealed that her true goal was to turn Komaru into “Junko Enoshima II” by despairing her and making her kill all the Monokuma Kids. The killing of the Monokuma Kids would also cause a war between Future Foundation and Towa City.

Did Kokichi have a crush on Shuichi?

Kokichi was interested in Shuichi at first because he was a detective and he wanted to see if he can see through his lies, but then got attached to him because “he couldn’t figure him out”. 4.

How does Miu Iruma die?

After she successfully participated in the 53rd Killing Game, Miu’s memories and past were fabricated by Team Danganronpa as follows: According to her, Miu used to be a boring, unremarkable girl with no talent at all. … She is murdered by Gonta Gokuhara’s avatar in the Killing Game Simulator in Chapter 4.

How did Kaede get executed?

Monokuma begins to swing his arms about wildly instead of actually conducting the song, due to its speed, and starts sweating. The song becomes faster and faster with the machine connected to the piano seemingly breaking until Kaede dies from asphyxiation.

You can’t deny that Rantaro and Monaca look similar. … From what we know in Danganronpa V3, Rantaro has multiple younger sisters, most of them step-sisters.

Why did Kaede kill Rantaro?

Kaede’s determination – her will to end the killing game – gave her a killing intent. She wanted to kill someone, and even if she didn’t kill the person she was aiming for, she did it. She wanted someone to die before even attempting diplomacy.

Who did Miu kill?

Ouma’sHer plan to force Momota’s avatar to log out earlier than the rest and to set him up with the poison in Ouma’s chair was because she wanted to make it appear as if Ouma had been killed in the real world, specifically because she wanted all of them to believe that murder was impossible in the VR world.

Why is Danganronpa v3 banned in Korea?

South Korean officials claimed that the game was banned because with all that was happening, a game about gruesome murder among teenagers may have hit too close to home for the country.

Does Shuichi have crush on Kaede?

I would like to point out Shuichi and Kaede were never in love in the main story. But in that short time they had, they had a strong emotional attachment toward each other. Whether if they were attracted to each other is debatable, but the important thing is how much they truly care for each other.

Why does Miu have 3 X’s?

Miu’s Death Portrait from Chapter 4 onwards is adorned with 3 x’s, usually signifying sexual adult content, which reflects her personality when she was alive.

Why is haiji Towa hated?

Haiji appeared to be unaware of his father’s change and felt that the Towa Group didn’t have any other choice but to obey. He feared that his family line would be shunned and go extinct if the truth was revealed. He feared that Towa Group would end up becoming enemies with both Ultimate Despair and Future Foundation.

Who does Miu have a crush on?

Miu is shown to have a romantic interest in K1-B0 but it’s currently unknown if K1-B0 knows about this admiration from Miu.

Why does Kokichi call Shuichi Saihara Chan?

With only a few exceptions, he refers to Saihara and most of the group using their last names and “-chan,” which is a very cutesy suffix, and very clearly him trying to play the whole “cute brat” image as much as possible.

Is Miu Iruma a virgin?

Headcanon: Miu is actually a virgin who just boasts about sex and acts vulgar all the time as a coping mechanism because she’s super insecure about herself.

Why did Kaito kill Kokichi?

The culprit was soon found out to be Kaito by Shuichi. It was revealed that Kokichi had planned his own murder all along to work towards saving the class with a case even the mastermind couldn’t solve.

Is Kokichi a girl?

Katsu Kokichi (勝 小吉, 1802–1850), Japanese samurai….Kōkichi.GenderMaleOriginWord/nameJapaneseMeaningDifferent meanings depending on the kanji used

Does Kaede Rabbit Senpai die?

She effectively died in her sleep, with her last thoughts of “going to school tomorrow” and “getting the money’s worth of seeing pandas” will never be achieved by new Kaede. Also, no one else will ever be able to see new Kaede again to tell her what happened.

Is Kaede taller than Shuichi?

most people don’t know that actually kaede 5’8″ is taller than shuichi 5’7″ | Danganronpa, Danganronpa v3, Danganronpa characters.