Is Logan Williams Really Dead?

What will happen in Season 7 of the flash?

“After a thrilling cliffhanger last season which saw the new Mirror Master (Efrat Dor) victorious and still-at-large in Central City, The Flash must regroup in order to stop her and find a way to make contact with his missing wife, Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton)… “Flash will ultimately defeat Mirror Master..

Has Barry Allen ever killed anyone?

2 He Killed The Reverse-Flash The Reverse-Flash killed Iris. And when Barry found someone new to love, Fiona Webb and the two got engaged, the Reverse-Flash also went after Fiona. That enraged Barry so much he once again broke his code and murdered the Reverse-Flash.

How old is Logan Williams?

16 years (2003–2020)Logan Williams/Age at death

Which NCIS actor just died?

Actor Miguel Ferrer’NCIS: Los Angeles’ Actor Miguel Ferrer Dead At 61 VIDEO: Miguel Ferrer, best known for his roles on CBS’ “NCIS: Los Angeles” and the 1987 sci-fi hit “Robocop”, died Thursday of cancer. He was 61. The prolific actor appeared in dozens of movies and television shows.

How many episodes are in flash Season 7?

4The Flash/Number of episodes

How has Logan Williams died?

Williams, who played a young Barry Allen on The CW’s The Flash, died of a fentanyl overdose, his mother shared Friday, explaining that the young actor endured a three-year battle with addiction.

How old was Logan Williams at death?

16 years (2003–2020)Logan Williams/Age at death

Who are Logan Williams parents?

Marlyse WilliamsClive WilliamsLogan Williams/Parents

Did Logan Williams really die?

April 2, 2020Logan Williams/Date of death

When Calls the Heart Logan Williams death cause?

Actor Logan Williams, who died April 2 at age 16, overdosed on fentanyl, according to his mother. Speaking to the New York Post, Marlyse Williams said her young son had a three-year battle with addiction.

What happened to Logan Williams?

Logan Williams, a young actor who appeared on CW’s “The Flash,” died on April 2 at 16 years old, and his mother has revealed that his death was caused by a fentanyl overdose. In an interview with the New York Post, Marlyse Williams announced that preliminary toxicology results showed that Logan overdosed on the opioid.

Did the flash Season 6 end?

The CW aired The Flash Season 6 finale on Tuesday, May 12, after the show had to finish early due to a production shutdown.

Is Star Labs a real building?

Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories (S.T.A.R. Labs) is a fictional scientific research facility and organization appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Will there be a Season 7 of the flash?

On Tuesday night, The CW’s most popular series finally returned for its seventh season after a lengthy pandemic-impacted hiatus.

Did Tom Cavanagh quit Flash?

No, Tom Cavanagh is not leaving The Flash. The series’ showrunner has confirmed that the 57-year-old Candian actor is still part of the project moving forward.