How Old Is Karou?

Is Brimstone really dead?

Brimstone helped Madrigal place her soul in Karou’s body, and he, along with Issa, Twiga, and Yasri, raised her as a human child.

By the end of Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Akiva reveals that Brimstone and the rest of her family are probably dead.


What does Karou mean?

hopeKarou Origin and Meaning The name Karou is a girl’s name meaning “hope”.

Where does Daughter of Smoke and Bone take place?

PragueThe story follows Karou, a seventeen-year-old Prague art student. Karou was raised by chimaera, or creatures that have attributes of different animals and humans. The chimaera she lives with demand teeth in exchange for wishes and send Karou to fetch these teeth for them.

How tall are the twins in Ouran Highschool Host Club?

AboutMy RatingBirthdayJune 9Star SignGemini, the twinsGenderMaleHeight5’10” (178 cm) (Manga) 5’9″ (175 cm) (Anime14 more rows

How old is Karou Daughter of Smoke and Bone?

seventeen-year-oldKarou is a seventeen-year-old art student in Prague who is raised by chimaera: Brimstone, Issa, Twiga, Yasri and a pet, Kishmish.

Does Daughter of Smoke and Bone have romance?

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is another gorgeously written story with a wonderful heroine and some seriously awesome worldbuilding and characteristically lovely prose. My only reservation? Well…it’s also a big ol’ paranormal romance (which blindsided me about halfway through the book). But more on that in a bit.

Who is Akiva in Daughter of Smoke and Bone?

Akiva is intelligent, having taught himself magic and hidden it from most except for his two closest siblings and Madrigal, his lover. A visionary, he dreams of a peaceful world where chimaera and angels can live together in harmony.

What genre is Daughter of Smoke and Bone?

Fantasy FictionRomance novelYoung adult fictionDaughter of Smoke and Bone/Genres

Who is ZIRI?

Ziri is a sweet young Kirin soldier who has always had a soft spot for Madrigal, now Karou. He is extremely altruistic and loyal, and willingly sacrifices himself for others; he withstood torture to keep his friends safe and even slits his own throat so that he can lead the chimaera in Thiago’s body.

How many pages is Daughter of Smoke and Bone?

418Daughter of Smoke and Bone/Page count