How Many Stray Beads Are In Okami?

How do you get the cherry bomb 3 in Okami?

Cherry Bomb 3[edit] Unlock it by: Donate 300,000 Yen to the Divine Spring in Kamui.

The Spring can be found by using Vine on a Konohana Blossom beside the Guardian Sapling.

You will be brought to a ledge that requires you to Cherry Bomb a rock then Cherry Bomb 2 a hole in the ground..

How do you get the cherry bomb 2 in Okami?

Cherry Bomb 2[edit] Unlock it by: Donate 120,000 Yen to the Divine Spring on an island off the coast of North Ryoshima. To reach the Divine Spring you need to bomb a piece of black earth.

Where is the power slash 2 in Okami?

Power Slash 2 This secret technique is unlocked upon donating ¥60,000 to the Divine spring on the island northeast of the Dragon Palace whirlpool.

How do you get the waterspout in Okami?

Waterspout is first learned after Amaterasu takes part in a Digging Minigame with Mr. Bamboo to reflood the dried up hot spring in Sasa Sanctuary. Successfully restoring the water will cause Nuregami’s constellation to appear. It is used to erupt geysers, water plants and extinguish fire.

How do you get stray bead 2?

#2 Found on the lower rafter of the sacred deck in Kamiki Village. Jump up using the rock and open it with Power Slash. #3 At night in Kamiki Village, swim out to the eastern island and dig up the bright spot to get the bead.

Are there any stray beads in the Moon Cave?

User Info: PSXfile. There are no beads in the game that you can miss… aside from the ones that you don’t find before you beat the game.

What are demon fangs for Okami?

What are Demon Fangs? Demon Fangs are special objects that can be forced out of demons. Obtaining Demon Fangs requires Floral Finishers, which needs a specific Celestial Brush technique depending on the demon fought. Some demons drop more than one Demon Fang when defeated correctly.

Where is the Cave of Nagi?

Ōkami and ŌkamidenThe Cave of Nagi (「イザナギ窟」?; Izanagi-kutsu) is a sacred location in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. It is a memorial to the great warrior Nagi, who defeated the demon True Orochi a century past.

How do you beat Ida Okami?

Ida. Ida is the express messenger of Shinshu Field. He can be raced after you restore the area’s Guardian Sapling and give him a Traveller’s Charm, after which you can race him by talking to him. In order to beat him you must catch up with him and headbutt him.

What happens when you get all stray beads in Okami?

If you collect all of the 100 beads you will earn the String of Beads as a reward. This is an amazing Holy Artifact that grants Amaterasu invincibility, infinite Ink and 10x damage inflicting power.